Quiva Surfboard Racks

Quad (4 - 12 Boards)

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The Quad is the perfect solution for families and those with a large quiver. With the four sections holding 4 boards (w/fins in) and up to an impressive 12 boards (w/fins out), there is plenty of room for growth.

With the addition of Section Kits, up to 24 boards (w/fins out) can be stored, ensuring your current and future collection will always have a home.

If that's still not enough space, you can simply add more Legs and Sections to suit. Never get rid of a board again and hold onto those memories with the Quad.


Store your boards nose up, or nose down. For boards 8ft and above we suggest using a Rubber Tie-Down Strap

Modular - Legs can be added and sections extended, to accommodate your ever-growing collection.

Adjustable - Ensure your beloved boards are secured in all directions, snug and upright, with ZERO contact with any hard surfaces.

Presentation - Keep your leashes tangle and dust free, with dedicated hooks. Can be used to tie-down larger boards.

Sustainable - Made from high quality bamboo.

Freestanding - No wall mounting required, no damage to your home.


Each leg is a full length piece of high quality bamboo. This incredible plant produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees and grows rapidly, requiring no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and irrigation. Add the fact that it has a higher tensile strength than steel and you have a truly remarkable, sustainable and renewable resource.

The sections are made from a custom rubber and are easily replaceable, making any repairs simple. The rigidity comes from high density polyethylene, which is easily recycled.

Hardware is stainless steel and will stand the test of time. 

Fully assembled: (L)107cm x (W)60cm x (H)126cm

Each section is 250mm in length and can hold 1 Surfboard (w/fins in) and up to 3 surfboards (w/fins out).